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Elegance and finesse | Winemaking Spirit | About Elevage

Elegance and finesse

The spirit I search for in Montfaucon wines is elegance and finesse. I like wines that are complex, but also enjoyable and easy to drink; like the wines of Burgundy, but working with the Southern Rhône varietals and climate. All my work is to find harmony and balance in the wine.

Elegance and finesse | Winemaking Spirit | About Elevage

Winemaking Spirit

From the vineyards to the cellar we work delicately and with maximum care to preserve the quality and purity of the fruit: We only pick the grapes by hand. In order to enhance the balance of the wine, we co-ferment up to five varieties in the same tank. This increases the exchange and integration of different grapes during the important fermentation time. By controlling temperature and time on skins, typically 8 to 14 days, I am looking to extract only soft and silky tannins.

Elegance and finesse | Winemaking Spirit | About Elevage

About Elevage

The elevage is quite simple: The wines are aged in concrete tanks and French oak barrels depending on the wine. Again, following in my philosophy of respecting the fruit, I only use barrels from one wine to six wines. The white wines are aged a maximum of 8 months and the red wines 18 months before bottling. You will find a lot of freshness in Montfaucon wines. That is certainly a result of blending early maturation grapes with late maturing varieties that have higher natural acidity.